Thursday, October 30, 2003

i have this friend who moved to another state for higher education. i send him postcard-sized chunks of inanity and liquid thought, and he sends me solid structured papers of slotted thought and analysis. they are written for other people but they are him to the core.

in a model of mercantilism, my country's gold-vaults would be bursting from this imbalance. he is getting shafted by irish donkeys.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2003

tonight, dan and i carved a scary-ass (see: dorky-ass) pumpkin.

we call it, HYDROPHOBIA!

peep it, if you dare.

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today, i inadvertantly took these time-lapse photographs of daniel laughing.

. . .

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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

this morning, when i awoke, i couldn't find my glasses.. they weren't where i left them when i took them off.

eventually, after some slow search (it is hard to find things you can't see) i found them (slightly skewed) in my bed along with a book (unharmed) i hadn't been reading. the book that i had been reading was tossed onto the floor.

i guess my subconscious just prefers ellen degeneres over harmon leon.

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Saturday, October 25, 2003

what is it about macaroni and cheese that makes me want to eat it? every rationally functioning neuron in my brain tells me that it's gross and i won't get past the third bite, but the water is boiling on the stove. there you go.

another metaphor for my life? let's not go there.

. . .

today is the first quizbowl buzzer-gavotte of the season and those neurons that are not telling me to put down the atomic orange mac are firing away impotently; questionless, answerless. the rest of me is kind of lonely.

. . .

yesterday, i spent forty-five minutes in a dentist's office listening to smooth jazz and watching fish swim around in a tank, remembering a fish analogy that robert jones once told me. ugh, ugh, smile.

. . .

today was an "informational meeting" at comedy sportz. a few team members showed up (it wasn't mandatory) and mostly just a lot of blah blah blah for parents. i'm very excited.

. . .

if the pressure keeps rising the way it is, i'll have to lower the temperature.
today has been kind of pleasant, in a way. it is the first weekend in a long time that i haven't even pretended to work on my extended essay and college applications. i probably shouldn't even be mentioning them. instead, taking a lesson from a young graf, i have whiled away the afternoon reading the ends of all my favorite books. i already know all the middle stuff, why read it again?

. . .

also, i was right. three bites and was done for. geez.

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Tuesday, October 21, 2003

hey, remember that school play i didn't make?

well, mr. kopenski asked me today to design the image for the cover of the programs'n'shizz.

he made it pretty clear what he wanted.. and i tried my best to bang it out. i would have liked to do something better quality, but when you want it by friday, this is what you get.

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it's ladybug season again. and in a few weeks, the floor of my room will be littered with the corpses (bodies) of the little buggers.

photo friday challenge: body

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Sunday, October 19, 2003

well, that was pathetic.

there was no steam to curl the pages of my book and i didn't come out smelling like raspberry melon energy anything, and not that clean either, so all in all it was not worth it. and the risk of electric shock wasn't worth the music.

at six pm i went a little crazy. now instead of work i eat potato chips and drink the oj that someone wanted water instead of.

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Thursday, October 16, 2003

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6..


omar's not home


successful seattle grunge revival


comedy sportz try-outs


pumpkin with green spots


fell to a fake gunshot


an unaccounted carnation

1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6..

"te quiero"

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Saturday, October 11, 2003

yes, yes, it is official. daniel m. greuel is a coward.

at approximately ten pm, rain began to fall accompanied by high winds, which caused the screen door of my home to bang open and shut.

we went to investigate the noise and suddenly, the power went out. and then flickered on and off, revealing dan crouched in a ball on the floor.

if there had been a zombie (or an invisible car?) anywhere near me, i'd have been done for. way to protect me, dan.

ammendment: to be fair, i shall note that i myself did not act with bravery in this situation. when the electricity went out, i thought i had gone blind and panicked, shouting, "dan! find me!"

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photo friday challenge: translucent

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Friday, October 10, 2003

i haven't accomplished as much as i had hoped. sadly. i've still got two solid days to work this out.. and the night is yet young, but i just can't get over the irrational fear* that i'll never bite this damn bullet and start slicing away at those four thousand words. for an example of why things are going so slow, you could look at this.

today is my father's fifty - second birthday and to celebrate he bought smelt for dinner. needless to say, they smelt pretty awful. har har.

monday is twin-day at school, and my mirror will be da lor! it is perfect because i am really asian on the inside (metaphor: the egg) and she is really german (metaphor: the saurkraut twinkie). also we are both stunningly beautiful full ib students who rock the tok and art boats with our freudian analysis and wittiness. we were made for twin day. 4real.

i am currently listening to the one nick drake cd that my mother did not hijack for her trip to ohio. it makes me wish i were writing an extended essay on sitting with my feet up. i could be doing research right now.

i had a realization this week, when a friend from school called me to talk, and to see how i've been doing. the realization was that, *along with* rarely leaving comments, nobody ever calls me either. i am all give an no receive. all stimulus and no response. in my fragile pre-menstrual/menstrual/post-menstrual state, this is the kind of thing that makes me cry.

conferences were good. mr. kroncke, my ib history of the americas and theory of knowledge teacher told me i had "consistently the best performance of any of [his] students." oh my. zeise of ib chem two said that "three years of emily joy just isn't enough."

does this post seem a little bi-polar?

also, don't bother leaving a comment because, you know, i'd hate to be wrong. really.

. . .

*less irrational, in fact, than my fear of zombies and being hit by invisible cars on deserted streets.

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another three-day weekend, and that motivation deadline is close enough to start causing a little panic. the rough-draft of my exteneded essay is due monday, and i will not disappoint. it will sizzle in my bag on monday morning, and i will slap it down on mr. long's desk with an air of accomplishment.

all i have to do before then is write it.


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Saturday, October 04, 2003

photo friday-challenge: "interior"

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emily: something was added to my list, against my will. laundry.
dan: ugh.
emily: my mom told me there was a mountain of it to do. and, you know, i thought that was just hyperbole.. but she wasn't kidding!
dan: really?
emily: yeah! i had to hire a sherpa just to get to the detergent! it was awful! wait, wait... does that make it double-hyperbole?
dan: diperbole?
emily: *grin*

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okokok, i've got a plan. a plan i will carry out. i will carry out my plan.

i have arisen this morning with a sense of purpose. my social calendar is clean, the house is empty, and on my desk rests things to be done. things that must be done. things that will be done.

item number one: armed with notecards and with an ever-approaching deadline spurring me on, i will complete the research for my extended essay and construct the outline for the final paper. when this has been completed, i shall stand up, rejoice (dance) and move on to

item number two: i will reduce one hundred years of solitude to a quivering mass of gelatinous motif, allusion, and metaphor notes, sliding around in my spiral. when this is done, i will spike the book onto the ground, nfl style, and motor right along to

item number three: i will write the most thoughtful, well-structured, self-flattering college application essays ever. they will be so good that antioch university will sense it and a representative will show up at my door with my acceptance forms and scholarships in hand before i even lick the envelope. after this, comes

item number four: collapse.

there are also some things i will definitely not do to day.

non-item number one: check my email. i'm sorry hot webcam chixx, you'll have to wait.

non-item number two: check anyone's blog. look for my ip address in your hit counter. if it's there, send me a sock in the stomach by post*.

non-item number three: take a little break. everytime i take a little break, it turns into the end of my productivity for the rest of the day. i'll just have to take my breaks while working. heh.

here i go, wish me luck.

. . .

*this was an inadvertant pun. :)

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